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Meet Your Maker

Brad Benson
Brad Benson, Barry Knox


Is there a light in your bedroom keeping you alive

do you think it would keep the boogey man away

Maybe you're not ready or you think it's not your time

or maybe you're just ashamed of the way you spent your life

I couldn't tell you that I was not afraid

now here I stand with a smile on my face

When it's time for you will you take the news on your feet or on your knees?

Could you pass up this kind of release?

Why are you trying to run away? Afraid to show your faith?

Is your belly yellow?

Are you quivering inside?

Do you only believe what you see with your own eyes?


And when the time comes to meet your maker

are you ready to accept your fate?

Well the time's come for you to wake up

and show your faith