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Brad Benson
Brad Benson


Something buried deep within my consciousness

was trying to fill a chasm that was bottomless

I thought I found a fix in my reflection

but I was looking in the wrong direction

I was sound asleep

but Hunger was always awake

and I needed to feed it

but I just couldn't find the missing pieces


Nothing tames my appetite

when everything's so hard to swallow

I'm always unsatisfied

How could I feel so hollow inside

I am incomplete

I burrowed through the fruit of my accomplishments

never grasping what the action truly meant

I just kept consuming all I had become

and let it catalyze the process I was running from

I was sound asleep

Desire was wide awake

life can be misleading

when what you want ain't what you're needing


Safe inside my home I'm waiting alone

to change, body and soul

to taste a new way of life

to find it's finally begun

to know what I'll become